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The Health Insurance Enrollment Center is a legal trade name for Classic Insurance Agency, LLC

Health Insurance Enrollment Center

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We are always on the lookout for experienced, professional licensed agents to join our team.

We maintain a limited number of agents on our ‘core team’ with our concentration on the Senior Insurance Market.

If you are tired of ‘going it alone’ and would like to work with a group of dedicated insurance professionals - why not give us a shout?


Call:  (918) 420-9999

Accident Coverage

An Accident plan is great for active kids and adults alike.  An affordable Accident plan ca help cover doctors, ER visits and much, much more.

Individual Health Insurance

We offer Major Medical plans that can protect you and your family.  Health Savings Accounts are some of our favorite plans. Call us today for a free quote… (918) 814-5550.

Life Insurance

Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough about the need for Life Insurance. We offer basic term plans, whole life and final expense / burial plans.

Medicare Plans

We offer both Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplements.

Let our knowledgeable agents help you make an informed decision.

A strong benefit to joining our core team is the creative lead generation activities we are engaged in. Our ‘Classic Concert Series’ draws thousands of seniors to concerts each year where we  meet and greet prospective customers in large numbers. Why settle for the same ol’  humdrum insurance experience when you can align yourself with a cutting edge group of creative thinkers?

The Health Insurance Enrollment Center is , also, proud to support a variety of  Veterans groups to bring products and services to groups like the VFW, DAV, American Legion and others.

Contact us today at:  (918) 420-9999  or email Bob Archer at:

(918) 420-9999

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(Blue Cross and Blue Shield RX Files)

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Oklahoma Files

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Oklahoma Files

New Mexico Files

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Use these links to update your Seminar Requests, Retirement Center Contacts & Provider Contacts

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Blue Cross Document Links - OKC AREA

Blue Cross Document Links - Tulsa AREA

Blue Cross Document Links - Statewide

This is a huge document but it has nearly everything thing in it that you will need: MAPD Summary of Benefits, Provider Directories for each plan, Formularies. Download this and keep in on your computer.